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Wel come to the web site of President College Of Education ,an educational center of excellence.
The President College Of Education is a dynamic and innovative institution with an unrivalled reputation in the pre-service training of teachers.
President College Of Education is willing of offers numerous opportunities with highly cited faculties ,insttitutes and laboratories.Our staff are respacted as leaders in a wide range,curriculum areas ,as consultants to a range of institutions nationally and internationally,as facilitators of professional devlopment of the largest and most divers,institutions of its kind in the nation.l
The President College Of Education trust belives that the major responsibility is to provide the highest level of leadership in furthering education,communication,lifelong learning and well -befor all citizens .This mission must be pursued at local , state ,national , and international and it must permeate academic preparation programs, and the domains of teaching and services.
The President College Of Education is known for its systematic inquiry, the lucid way of teaching the commitment to service as guiding principales for our actions.we have established co-principales as way to express our dedication to excellence in education at all levels.
    The President College Of Education will be known for outstanding leadership,contribution,excell -nce in education ,communication , and professions fostering career and well-being in order to revitalize education and learning and promote the general health and welfare of our trust.
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